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But let’s go back to the actual match! Read on to see our betting predictions for the upcoming semi-final.

Rangers v Celtic: A brief overview

The next episode of the Old Firm takes place at the national stadium at Hampden on Sunday, April 30th. It’s the semi-finals of the Scottish Cup and the 435th match between these two rivals in over a century. The Gers won 168 matches to date. Celtic won 164 games, while 102 ended in a draw.

Fun fact: The historical importance of the Old Firm

For those who still don’t know, these two football clubs from Glasgow have a long-standing and intense rivalry. The rivalry is primarily based on historical and cultural differences, with Rangers seen as traditionally representing the Protestant community with Celtic representing the Catholic community in Glasgow.

The rivalry between The Gers and The Bhoys is one of the most fiercely contested in world football, with matches often attracting huge crowds and generating intense media attention. This religious element has led to occasional incidents of violence and controversy both on and off the pitch.

Last five matches

The Gers won four out of their last five matches, with the only loss being against Celtic (3-2). In the meantime, they easily defeated Raith (3-0), Motherwell (2-4), Dundee United (2-0), and St. Mirren (5-2). Their recent win against St Mirren was also one of the most impressive recently, and it may be the sign that Rangers is building form for the final appearances. However, Sunday's defeat against Aberdeen was disappointing for their fans.

On the other hand, Celtic has an even better score in the last five rounds. They defeated all opponents convincingly: Hearts (0-3), Hibernian (3-1), Ross County (0-2), Rangers (3-2), and Kilmarnock (1-4). It means Celtic is definitely up for the challenge in the semi-finals of the national cup.

How to bet on this match?

There’s only one thing we can say for sure - Rangers v Celtic will be a closely contested match, with both teams having a chance to win. Many bettors will probably consider placing bets on a draw. Draws don’t happen too often in their matches, but we might see it this time over the course of the 90-minute contest.

However, we still think certain factors may give Rangers an edge in the upcoming match. They are the current cup holders, and their recent win against St. Mirren was particularly impressive. All this indicates that The Gers may be building momentum towards the final appearances.

Additionally, the historical and cultural rivalry between the two teams adds an extra level of intensity to the match, which may motivate the Rangers to perform at their best this time.

Final score prediction: Rangers win 2-1

Where can you place wagers on football matches?

Online bookies are the usual suspect when it comes to placing wagers on football (and all other) matches. Almost all bookmakers operate over the Internet, so you can predict the outcome of the Old Firm in just a few clicks.

This is a convenient solution because you can place wagers from any location and even wait until the very last minute to do it. In addition, most betting sites that accept credit cards offer different payment options for depositing and withdrawing funds.

On the other hand, we notice that online casinos started offering fairly decent betting solutions to their clients. Most people associate them with slots and blackjack, but football is also on the table. The thing we like about gambling platforms is that they sometimes give higher odds, so you can actually make more money compared to online sportsbooks.

However, you have to be careful about choosing an online casino. It must be licensed and regulated because it’s the only way to guarantee that your funds are secure. You should also consider the range of betting options available, as well as any promotions or bonuses that may be on offer.

Final thoughts

As the Old Firm is approaching, we can already feel the tension and suspense. Betting predictions are one of the rare things that keep us sane these days, so we decided to share a few thoughts with you. We believe Rangers is finally ready to beat Celtic this season, but we let you decide. Visit our forum to share your opinion on the upcoming derby!