Feeling frustrated and a bit lost without your usual fitness routine just because you couldn't make it to the gym for whatever reason? You'd be surprised to know what a makeshift home workout can do for you. Forget your usual routine of lifting heavy dumbbells, barbells, and similar equipment. There are common exercises to build muscle and strength, including using your weight, resistance bands, and more, that you can do from the comfort of your home and feel energized and refreshed afterward.

Even if you can't make it to the gym, hormone replacement therapy like HRT Testomed E 250 can go a long way to help you maintain your progress and vitality, especially during unexpected disruptions to your workout routine.

Want to learn the top exercises recommended for building muscle mass and increasing strength when you cannot access your favorite gym equipment? Here are the best ones to consider.

Traditional Planks: Work Your Core and Gain Balance

These planks are excellent exercises that work many parts of your body, but according to experts, there's a special focus on the Transverse Abdominis and the rectus abdominis. To enhance your plank routine and boost your strength gains, consider incorporating Testosterone Enanthate into your fitness regimen. This hormone replacement therapy can support muscle development and increase endurance, allowing you to hold your plank position longer and with greater stability.

During the exercise, try to hold your position as long as you can while mentally counting the seconds. If you want, you can add movement to your plank exercises, such as mountain climbers and hip drops. This way, your body feels the challenge and grows fitter while benefiting from the synergistic effects of Testosterone Enanthate and your workout routine.

Russian Twists: Work a Ton of Muscles

Russian twists will target and improve multiple muscles, including obliques, hip flexors, transverse abdominis, and latissimus dorsi. Just like planks, you can also intensify the twists by elevating your feet at a tabletop position.

You can also add cross-body punches with each rotation or arm pulses overhead in between each rotation for an added challenge and to engage the upper body even more. These variations increase the intensity of the exercise, helping you build core strength and improve overall stability.

Apply Resistance Bands

These are cheap and easy-to-find options you can add to your workout routine if you are unable to make it to the gym. Aside from its benefits for total body strength and compared to weights, these bands also offer constant tension on the muscles throughout the entire exercise, encouraging muscle growth and development in the process.

Resistance bands aren't a direct replacement for weights. However, the tension you get from working with a band is different than using a dumbbell or similar equipment, which means your muscles get challenged differently.

Burpee: Get Intense

Burpees are next-level explosive exercises, and fitness experts recommend doing six per minute for fifteen minutes. Many athletes call it the ultimate bodyweight exercise mash-up because it engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously, torches calories, and improves cardiovascular endurance all in one dynamic movement.

Perform this exercise from a standing position.

  • Lower yourself into a squat
  • Place both hands on the floor, just wider than your feet.
  • Jump feet back into a plank position.
  • Do a push-up.
  • Return to a plank position.
  • Draw your legs back up into a squat.
  • Jump up explosively with your hands above your head. Repeat.

Inchworm: Tone Your Muscles

This bodyweight move sounds fun and will leave you feeling like a kid, but it builds your triceps, shoulders, chest, abs, glutes, and quads. From a standing position, slightly bend your knees, then bend your hips.

Slowly reach down and touch your toes before placing your hands on the floor. Now, crawl your hands away from your torso until you're in a plank position. Take little, insect-size steps forward until feet meet hands. Do multiple reps for more impact.

Squats: Get Your Legs Going

Even though squats are popular with weightlifters, anybody can do them using their body weight. Squatting with your body weight alone can give you strong leg muscles if you do it in good form.

It sounds easy, but some people do it incorrectly. Always look straight ahead and chin up. Ensure your feet are slightly wider than shoulder width. With your arms and back straight, squat as low as you can. Engage your core to push upward from your heels, not your legs. Try to complete 3–5 sets of 8–12 reps.


There you go! These are handy exercises you can do without lifting weights. The best part is that you can do all of them in the comfort of your home. However, choose an exercise that's right for you.

After performing several reps, observe how you feel and the impact on your body. If you feel great and see noticeable improvements, stick to the workout. What's more, you can incorporate Testomed for enhanced energy levels, general health, and vitality. This way, you can go through more reps and challenging routines.

Speak to a doctor or medical professional to guide you on what you need to do or know before administering Testomed for your health and fitness purposes.