Clyde v Rangers preview - "What's it called...?"

Match Analysis
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Sunday sees the famous Glasgow Rangers travel to achingly picturesque Cumbernauld to take on Clyde in an encounter that will mark the end of the first round of fixtures in SFL division three. Given Clyde’s history, with their roots in Glasgow, we may say that this is a derby match, of sorts. A spot of internet research (we’re all learning this year) reveals a rather sad historical picture of a club that once had the potential to become something far greater than the stadium-hopping basement boys of Scottish football that Clyde have become. Without going too far into the grim details, suffice to say that having endured a double relegation and an administration event in recent years, fans of The Bully Wee are no strangers to the masochistic side of the game. Kindred spirits then?

I certainly recall feeling a kinship with Clyde one crisp day in January, 2006. I was fortunate enough to be down the pub with my father to witness a Clyde team, spear-headed by bullish former Ranger Tom Brighton, ruin Roy Keane’s sellick debut. Clyde battered the bheggars that day, winning 2-1, much to my amusement and that of the old boys in the boozer. Du-Wei was never to be seen again. Hilarious. Also, should I mention that our mate Bomber Brown had a spell at the helm not so long ago? No?

Broadwood, despite being situated in sunny Cumbernauld, is another third division ground with an artificial pitch and all the debate attached to it. Templeton did his ankle on an artificial pitch. Will it happen again to another important player on Sunday? The pessimist in me says almost certainly..

And so to Rangers. As I’ve said, after this game we’ve played them all. A good point to take stock and look to the future. Regardless of the result, the Ally debate will rage on, framed as always by the wonderful background stories swirling around the club these dark days. Match previews aren’t the place for opinions so I’ll simply say that while I may not be entirely happy with the way things are going, if we’re top of the league after Sunday I’ll be content going forward.

Andy Little’s return to the team is a huge boost, as witnessed by the impact he had coming on at Ibrox last week. He’s certainly our player of the season so far. I’m also a fan of Kyle Hutton and feel his addition adds a degree of composure to a midfield often suffering from the understandable inconsistency of Lewis Mcleod. We may also see Templeton on the bench I hear. I’m going for our first away win in the league this season, but I suspect a scrappy 1 nil will be the order of the day. Oh and 4 4 2 would be nice.

‘Mon the Rangers.

Possible starting XI:


aa  rp  ec  lw

bm  kh  macleod  ds

al  lm

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