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With the new Ladbrokes Premiership season about to begin this weekend, the team's hard work over the summer will now start with the real action on Saturday.

Yes, we've had a couple of friendlies and four League Cup matches already but all these games had the air of pre-season over them. Ibrox, Saturday, 12.30pm, Hamilton Accies - that's where season 2016/17 really gets under-way. Finally, we're back in the top league and every single Rangers supporter is desperate for our team to do us proud and challenge for the title.

In that sense, we're giving our all readers the chance to rank our squad from the 'keepers right through to our attackers in the manager's preferred 4-3-3 formation. Yesterday we'll started off with the goalies and the defence with some very interesting results and today we move onto the midfield. Please choose from the all players available to select your favoured three players (Note: I appreciate the likes of Forrester and McKay can play in deeper, central roles but they'll be in the attackers section tomorrow). You can also down-vote the players you especially don't want to see feature - or not vote at all if you don't care enough either way!

Tomorrow (Thursday) we'll do the same for the attack to complete the ranking of our squad. This means when I put together the first league match preview on Friday morning, I'll be able to insert our viewers highest ranked players instead of my own picks. It's all just a bit of fun but it could prove interesting!


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