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What are the best websites for football fans to check out?

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Football is the biggest sport around the UK and has a massive global following as well. The SPL is one of the premier UK football competitions and Rangers are the top team in the league for a legion of passionate fans. With an illustrious history to look back on and a knack for winning trophies, the Ger’s are what the SPFL is all about.

While watching games and chatting to friends about the team is cool, you may also be looking at other ways to get closer to football. For many people, taking time to find the best football websites to enjoy is worthwhile. With these sites being easily accessible online and free to use, they are a great way to get more football into your life.

While Gersnet is naturally the best place for the latest independent Rangers news online, there are other websites which are worth looking over too. But which are the best to know about?

Social casino sites

Although these might not be sites dedicated to the sport of football specifically, the best social casinos are still great places to visit for supporters. There are two major reasons for this which make them ideal for any Rangers fan to log onto.

Firstly, the top social casinos will usually carry a range of slots to enjoy and some of them will be football themed. This makes it easy to find games based on the sport you love and makes them lots of fun to play at. In addition, these sites are great for passing the time when the season is done or there are no games on. They are also a great diversion if you fancy a little time out from football or catching up on Rangers news.


Just as the size of Rangers FC worldwide is impressive, ‘FourFourTwo’ magazine has built up an enviable reputation over time. Although you can still buy this in print format each month, it is also one of the best websites around for any fan to visit. Regularly updated with the latest news, transfer gossip and in-depth interviews, it really does help you stay in touch with what is happening. For Rangers fans, the good news is that this site covers the SPFL and has plenty of Ger’s news to take in.

BBC Sport

The BBC is a truly iconic organisation which broadcasts a whole range of programmes to the British public. It also has a very good website to explore which features a superb sport section. This contains comprehensive coverage of football as a whole, including the SPL and top Scottish teams. For those fans who also like to keep an eye on what is happening across the game in general, it also covers the EPL, international football and major events such as the World Cup. All this makes it one of the best football sites to spend time on and provides an easy, online way to stay in touch with the sport.


Another top site for football fans to check out is YouTube. This huge video sharing platform is familiar to most of us now but is not just about cute cat videos or game streaming channels. It is also a very good resource for checking out match highlights, classic football footage or compilations of the best goals ever scored. When you throw in reams of interview footage and the ability to search specifically for iconic moments in Rangers history, you can see just why this site scores highly for fans of the beautiful game.


Social media is huge these days and platforms such as Facebook and Instagram attract billions of users. The pick of these sites for football fans though is arguably Twitter. This is because it has plenty of football-based accounts to follow which help you stay up to date with the latest scores, gossip and news. In addition, Twitter has a huge number of real football fans to connect with online. This can help you find other people who support your team to talk to and bring more enjoyment to football with.

Top sites any football fan will enjoy

As the above shows, there are some really great sites for any keen football fan to check out. They are not only all well-designed and easy to use, but also lots of fun to spend time at. Whether you want to further indulge your love of Rangers or find out what is happening across the game in general, they are certainly worth considering.