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Might the Rangers Lose Steven Gerrard in the Near Future?

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The Rangers are without a doubt one of the most impressive clubs within the Scottish Premiership and their track record speaks for itself. While this is due in large part to past and present personalities including (but not limited to) Ally McCoist, John Greig and James Tavernier, we also need to remember that coaches have played a pivotal role. Of course, names such as Willie Waddell immediately come to mind. It is still crucial to mention that Steven Gerrard has had a massive influence over this team since his tenure began in 2018. Unfortunately, many analysts now believe that this may very well be his last season with the Gers. Why might he be departing and what could this signify for the team as a whole?

A Surprise or an Inevitability?

Most die-hard Rangers fans were pleasantly surprised to learn that Gerrard would take the helm following the departure of caretaker Graeme Murty in May 2018. After all, his previous career spoke for itself. Gerrard racked up an impressive 749 appearances and scored no fewer than 191 goals during his professional life. It therefore made perfect sense that a man of his calibre would be appointed to lead the Rangers. Let's also remember that he was pivotal in garnering the Champions League title when playing with Liverpool.

These are some of the reasons why he was tipped to lead the Rangers at an early stage; due in no small part to his highly competitive nature and obvious hands-on experience. Many feel that these traits enabled the Gers to take the 2020/21 Scotland Premiership; the first time since as far back as 2011. This also served to quickly quell any dreams that Celtic may have had about rising to the top. Unfortunately, it seems as if all good things must come to an end.

Other Prospects?

Let us first point out that Gerrard is only 41 years old and his managerial career is far from over. Considering his verve for competition while on the pitch, it is not surprising that he may be looking towards distant horizons. After all, the Rangers are currently thought to be at the top of their game.

An additional variable involves the numerous other clubs which are keen to leverage his talents. Rumours are already swirling that Newcastle United and Aston Villa are interested in such a prospect. Although it is not certain if Gerrard is actively interested in such a change, it is fair to assume that his tenure with the Rangers should soon be coming to a close. The only sticking point is if the club fails to win the Premiership. In this case, some feel that he will remain in order to take it back following the 2022 season.

Steven Gerrard has already proven that he can successfully manage a team. While his departure would be a slight blow to the Rangers, it also could be an excellent choice for his overall career.