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What Can Sports Betting Enthusiasts Expect When the Rangers and Motherwell Face Off?

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We are already aware that the Rangers have enjoyed a stellar 2021 season. Thanks to the leadership of Steven Gerrard, they have currently racked up 24 points within the previous 11 matches and this momentum shows no signs of abating. All eyes are now looking towards the upcoming match with Motherwell that is being held at Fir Park on 7 November. Are there any betting tips to keep in mind? What outcome can we expect from this match? While it is indeed true that no one possesses the proverbial crystal ball, there are still a handful of suggestions to note.

A Head-to-Head Comparison
Ibrox Stadium

Many analysts strongly favour the Rangers, and this is not entirely surprising. A quick comparison between these two teams seems to all but cement this point. The Rangers have won 50 out of the last 70 matches against Motherwell. The Rangers are also currently leading the Premiership with 24 points while Motherwell is in sixth place (having accrued 15 points over the same time period).

Momentum is another factor to highlight. The Rangers have won all five of their previous matches. On the other side of the coin, Motherwell has suffered four consecutive losses. Therefore, we should expect the Rangers to take the to pitch with a great deal of enthusiasm; irrespective of the fact that they are playing on Motherwell turf. Let's also remember that the Celtics are not far behind the Rangers, so the Gers will likely be keen to push through this upcoming match in order to focus upon what many consider to be a more challenging rival.

Wagering Strategies to Keep in Mind

Those who are keen to place a bet on the upcoming match will first obviously need to choose the right wagering portal. Perusing an objective list of online bookmakers is the best way to ensure that the correct portal is selected. Once these basic mechanics have been addressed, what type of bet should be placed? The answer to this question involves the teams themselves.

Most experts will argue in favour of a money line bet. In other words, fans will predict a win or a loss without any type of point spread (unlike a straight bet which will include a points spread). Why is this the best way forward? The simple answer to this question is that the Rangers are slated to walk away as winners. So, there is much less risk when compared to this team facing off against a more formidable foe such as Celtic.

However, there are no certainties within the world of sports betting. It is important to mention that a handful of Rangers players are likely to remain off of the pitch due to injuries (Kent and Helander are two names which come to mind).

Ultimately, the Rangers will be looking to capitalise upon their current momentum while Motherwell will desperately fight for a home win. It will not take long for fans of both teams to witness the final outcome of this upcoming match.