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  1. It's been a somewhat strange season for Rangers so far: inconsistent results with intermittent good form, and all of this stop-start amidst international football disappointment. Essentially just as you think Pedro's squad are starting to find their feet, something happens to stop them in their tracks. From apparent fall-outs with Kenny Miller, to what seem like constant international breaks, and not forgetting the distraction of Old Firm fixtures, it's not a huge surprise we lack momentum at times. Nevertheless, with two good away wins in the bag in our last two matches, this Sunday's Betfred League Cup semi-final against Motherwell is the ideal time for Pedro's men to at last win three games in a row and seal another Cup final at Hampden. However, this will be far from easy.

  2. Join Snags, Baz, Tattoo Stew, PAS and CJNovo992 as we discuss...well...some shit that could get us sacked off YouTube!!
  3. I think I can safely say that most Rangers supporters will be saying thank heavens the international weekend has come and gone and we can get back to the nitty gritty of club football again. Well, I may have to retract that as most club supporters are probably unhappy that it comes around in the first place. Personally I prefer the old Wednesday night International games keeping the weekends for club football but with UEFA announcing a new International League system starting next season I would imagine that ship has sailed its last voyage.

  4. Hamilton, the county town of deepest, darkest Lanarkshire. Hamilton, the home of crosses. The main two being the top cross and the bottom cross. The stretch in between, Quarry Street was the location of Saturday morning misery for many a primary schoolboy of my generation. Yer Maw indulged in retail therapy whilst we were content to pity our fellow drookit weans being hauled towards a coughing bus, waiting to take them twenty miles doon'n'roon ra county to Lanark, Biggar, and Shotts. Our reward for endurance was at another confluence of roads, Peacock Cross. Specifically Equi's Cafe, purveyor of pie and peas. Now, if we were in France, this delicacy would be a, 'produit regionaux' ; a white peppered mutton filling encased in pastry, accompanied by peas marinated in black peppered malt vinegar. Hamilton, the home of a culinary triumph.

  5. After a disappointing result at the weekend against Celtic, Ally Bain at Every Other Saturday has gone through the footage and put together the following video analysis of our attacking play.

  6. After a disappointing result at the weekend against Celtic, Ally Bain at Every Other Saturday has gone through the footage and put together the following video analysis of our defensive play.

  7. For varying reasons over the last week or so I've been a wee bit more philosophical than usual. First of all, last Friday, despite pretty much dominating a stuffy Partick side down to ten men for the last quarter of the game, we were unable to get a match-winning third goal. Many bears were savage in their criticism as two important points were dropped.

  8. On Friday evening Rangers will make probably the shortest trip we have when we visit Partick Thistle at the newly christened Energy Check Stadium. What a name! I am afraid it is still Firhill Stadium for me. A quick jump across the River Clyde and then a swim up the River Kelvin to Maryhill will virtually get you there. Oops sorry! It is of course another team that enjoy swimming in the Kelvin. Far easier to take the Kelvin walkway which is a fantastic stroll for those who have never done it. It is a lot safer and there is far less chance of hypothermia. Rangers supporters have also been given the Jackie Husband stand which holds 5500 supporters. That means even at an away game Rangers will have the largest support leaving only 4,500 seats for the Thistle fans. It is expected however that Thistle will not sell out their seats as seemingly their supporters don't normally turn out in force for Rangers or Celtic games.

  9. Unless you've been stuck on the moon over the last few days, you won't have failed to note another EBT hullabaloo has formed after leaked communications between Celtic and the SFA. To cut to the chase and avoid you falling asleep, Celtic, aided and abetted by the SPFL it seems, are demanding (another) independent investigation into governance of Scottish football in and around the period Rangers utilised certain tax schemes - recently declared ineffective by the Supreme Court. In other words, although their cheerleaders in the media will deny it, they want further punishment for Rangers, most probably in the form of honour stripping. Indeed, it's this cheer-leading that is of primary interest to yours truly.

  10. It has been three weeks since our last home game fixture versus Hearts and it certainly feels like it. Last month's victory over Ross County at Dingwall was a great confidence boost but there is nothing like getting back to Ibrox for the next home game after the indifference of the international break.

  11. The transfer window is closed for another summer and the players we have will be the players we have until January, barring freebies. While we've improved in some areas, it remains to be seen whether it's enough of an improvement to move forward from last season's mediocrity.

  12. This week on Gersnet, we're working with our friends at deCoubertin Books to promote Russian Winters: The Story of Andrei Kanchelskis which is a fascinating new autobiography from the former Rangers winger.

  13. This week on Gersnet, we're working with our friends at deCoubertin Books to promote Russian Winters: The Story of Andrei Kanchelskis which is a fascinating new autobiography from the former Rangers winger.

  14. Rangers have not set the world alight with their start to the season. Having already played six competitive matches so far, the ‘Gers have only registered three wins this campaign. As such, fans have already started to show concern about the team’s prospects for the upcoming season.

  15. It's been a strange summer so far. Off the pitch, the weather has been as poor as I can remember during July and August. On the pitch, after an appalling early Europa League knock-out, some positive pre-season friendly results meant when our domestic campaign got under-way two weeks ago, fans were confident we could improve substantially on last years disappointing 3rd place.

  16. In ‘Raptor’ his excellent book on the UK’s birds of prey, James Macdonald Lockhart describes his attempts to see a Honey Buzzard in the wild as cryptozoology. He knows it exists, others have seen it, yet it remains elusive to him. He spends days in the Forest Of Dean, rising early, using hides and spending hours in what he believes are the perfect positions to observe this magnificent, if elusive, animal. Yet it remains tantalisingly out of reach. His frustration and disappointment are clear, he wants proof this bird exists in Britain and to see, and enjoy, its drama and beauty for himself. He’s willing to invest significant time and effort into this too. Cryptozoology is, in essence, about studying and finding things that just might not be there.

  17. Ahead of a fine performance by Rangers at Ibrox last night, I noted with a smile my TV licence being renewed automatically by the BBC. It's been a while since I last checked the cost but at around £12 a month I think it still represents decent value. As much as Sky is perhaps my main source of TV nowadays (along with Netflix and Amazon Prime), I still enjoy a range of BBC productions - both on radio and TV, as well as digitally via the superb iPlayer. If you compare the cost to other subscription based providers, then I think the fee is still worth paying. Unfortunately, as a Rangers supporter, the value is becoming more and more difficult to justify.

  18. Laws. The law is an ass. Murphy's law. Unlawful laws. Denis Law. Er...Ashley Cole slaw. If you like football and the law, you're in luck, especially if you live in the chilly, damp western extremity of Europe. Here’s a take on laws, from Thomas More, sometime advisor to King Henry VIII of England, and, no doubt, for some a rather unlikely figure to appear on a Rangers site.

  19. On May 6th 1978, the bright sun glinted off silver as our Captain stepped up to receive the Scottish Cup. Rangers had just achieved a 2-1 victory over Aberdeen. The second Treble in three seasons had been secured and skipper, John Greig was the first player since Davie Meiklejohn 50 years before, to be offered a testimonial. Also at Hampden several weeks previously, Ham and Egg picked up the League Cup, after 2-1 extra-time defeat of ra Sellik. The filling in the cup sandwich was the League Flag, secured after a 0-1 win at Tannadice, and celebrated at Ibrox against Motherwell (2-0) the week before the national cup final. Derek Johnstone was Scotland's Player of the Year: he and partner, Gordon Smith had notched 65 goals between them in all games. The national team had qualified for its second successive World Cup finals in Argentina, and were installed as fourth favourites for the trophy. Follow following Rangers demanded a pair of Ray Bans.

  20. We keep saying we need width: If we can just get another left-sided winger to complete our 4-4-2 then we'd be doing well. But to say we must have width from midfield is not absolutely necessary. History has shown us that asymmetric formations can and do work. Moreover, we don't even need to rigidly stick to one formation. What we need is balance.

  21. Various journalists and media platforms have been falling over themselves this week to declare the EBTs as “unlawful” but failing to justify this in any shape or form.

  22. The cries of outrage that have greeted the SPFL announcement regarding legal powers over historical EBTs can’t have come as a surprise to anyone who has had even a passing interest in Scottish football in recent times.

  23. On the 24th June 2012 Steven Naismith and Steven Whittaker issued a joint statement via their Simon Catto of HBJ Gateley

  24. Finally, after lumbering on for over seven years, the so-called Big Tax Case has reached its conclusion. So long has it taken that it now has no financial burden to the club moving forward, despite clearly bruising the legacy of some fantastic achievements in the previous decade.

  25. Before last night's match Pedro Caixinha called defeat 'unthinkable'. Before our first match preview of the season we said 'failure is not an option' and after the draw was made we said we must go through with 'no excuses'. Well, the unthinkable has happened and there is no excuse.

  26. Tonight, Rangers travel to the Duchy of Luxembourg for the return game against Progres Niederkorn to defend a slim 1-0 lead.

  27. It's only late June and less than six weeks since our last match but Rangers' 2017/18 campaign begins in earnest on Thursday night at Ibrox. Indeed, for many fans, their first taste of Europe this summer won't be their typical beach holidays to Spain or Greece but to a small land-locked Duchy on the continent: Luxembourg.

  28. As a new season begins in earnest next week, we're looking for some feedback on our forum and main site.

  29. After a rather disappointing 'transitional' season upon our return to the SPFL Premiership, it was obvious to all that substantial changes had to be made inside the dressing room at Rangers. First of all, the management team which secured our promotion were removed given their less than flexible approach to, not only our inconsistent form, but in terms of improving the quality of the playing squad. Pedro Caixinha was then brought in: himself hardly a household name but apparently impressing the board with his pragmatism and modern outlook.

  30. Despite justified misgivings around the merger of existing Rangers supporters groups it was blatantly obvious to the vast majority of fans that Club1872 had undoubted potential and could become a great asset for our support. Pooling the resources and memberships of Rangers First, the Rangers Supporters Trust and others should certainly have been a springboard to greater success. Unfortunately however even Stevie Wonder can see that Club1872 hasn’t lived up to its billing, to be rather blunt.